Los sitios web son cada vez más difíciles de leer

El artículo Having more trouble reading websites? You're not alone explica que cada vez es más difícil leer los textos en las páginas web porque no tiene cuidado con el contraste:
But recently, there's been a trend in website design towards lower-contrast websites. That means a smaller difference between light and dark, which can make text more difficult to read.
In recent years, a number of designers, technologists, and web accessibility experts have highlighted this issue. But it's getting renewed attention because of an essay by well-known developer and technology writer Kevin Marks, called "How the Web Became Unreadable."
In it, he argues readability comes down to the choices web designers make — and the trend is toward designers making text greyer and skinnier. That's an issue for many people, he writes, including "the elderly, the visually impaired or those retrieving websites through low-quality screens."
¿Por qué ocurre?
In a word: aesthetics.
"A lot of this is about fashion in design," he told CBC Radio. "There's a particular look that is popular at the moment, that is this very light sans-serif-type look. It's a minimalist style. Obviously there are times when you want a very minimal design. But when you're trying to design something that is very information dense, it doesn't really work."
He said this greyer, skinnier typeface look is also driven by the availability of super-high-resolution screens on smartphones, tablets and laptops — which allow designers to use fonts that were impractical a few years ago.


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