La accesibilidad web ayuda a todo el mundo

El artículo Why web accessibility benefits us all muestra cuatro escenarios en los que la accesibilidad ayuda a todos los usuarios:

Provide captions for video and audio
Captions for audio and video don’t just help the hearing impaired. For example if your first language isn’t the one being spoken or the presenter has a strong regional accent, captions can help.
You could even be in a situation where the device you are using doesn’t have any working speakers or you are in a location where the speaker isn’t loud enough to be heard over the background noise.

Content distinguishable between the foreground and background
Having a high contrast between the text and background will help make it easier for low vision users to read the copy on your website. High contrast also helps users trying to view a website on a screen in bright sunlight, or when a user has battery saver mode on or basically any scenario where the screen isn’t being viewed in the best conditions.

Make all functionality available from a keyboard
The mouse or trackpad is utterly useless if you are blind and use a screen reader to navigate your way around the web. Being solely able to navigate the web using just the keyboard is essential.
If you don’t require a screen reader being able to navigate the web with the keyboard is still really useful. Some users prefer to tab up and down content with the keyboard instead of taking their hand away to use the mouse. But it really helps when you are using a wireless mouse and the batteries fail. It means you can still carry on using the web with just the keyboard (albeit a little slower).

Make text content readable and understandable
Any effort to make your site technically accessible will be wasted unless your content is written as clearly and simply as possible.
People with disabilities experience text in many different ways but so does everyone else. The steps you should follow to create accessible copy will help everyone.


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