Uso del atributo title

El atributo title se suele utilizar muy mal en las páginas web. Ya he escrito sobre ello en el pasado:

En el artículo Using the HTML title attribute – updated explican algunas cosas más:
Situations in which the the title attribute is not useful due to lack of support:
  • Displaying information for web content viewed on mobile phone browsers. Typically in desktop browsers title attribute content is displayed as a tooltip. From what I could find, tooltip display is not supported in any mobile browser and alternative visual methods of accessing title attribute content are not supported.
  • Providing information for people who cannot use a mouse. Typically in desktop browsers, title attribute content is displayed as a tooltip. Although the tooltip behaviour has been supported for 10+ years, no browser (except IE10+ [on focusable elements]) as yet has implemented a practical method to display title attribute content using the keyboard.
  • Using it on most HTML elements to provide information for users of a variety of assistive technologies. Access to title attribute information is not supported uniformly by screen readers
  • User groups not well served by use of the title attribute

Mobile phone users.
  • Keyboard only users.
  • Screen magnifier users.
  • Screen reader users.
  • Users with fine motor skill impairments.
  • Users with cognitive impairments


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