Lo que dice Orange sobre los captchas

En el sitio web de Orange sobre accesibilidad web, existe la página CAPTCHA Accessibility:
CAPTCHAs are often problematic, even for savvy users. It is often necessary to undergo several trials before giving the right answer to a CAPTCHA. For some users a CAPTCHA is a no-go, plain and simple. For example a blind user cannot solve a visual CAPTCHA. Even if some sites provide alternatives, like audio CAPTCHAs in addition to visual CAPTCHAs, it actually seldom works. It’s even the first source of difficulty quoted by visually impaired users according to WebAIM’s latest survey at the end of 2017.
La conclusión es que no hay que usar captchas, son un grave problema de accesibilidad.

Y propone como alternativas:

  • HoneyPot and Time measuring, two simple techniques to put in place to identify bots.
  • Anti-spam and blacklist solutions to remove bot requests.
  • A logical or mathematical test, also called textual CAPTCHA.
  • An email, SMS or phone verification for reinforced security.


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