Cómo funciona un lector de pantalla

Muy interesante el artículo A Tale of Two Rooms: Understanding screen reader navigation, que explica mediante analogías el funcionamiento de un lector de pantalla:
One of the best ways to better understand the screen reader user experience is to try it yourself. It is certainly advantageous to try using screen reading software on your own to navigate web page content. In addition though, here is a simple exercise you can do to simulate the scenarios illustrated above. (I don’t recommend finding random conference rooms with people in them and turning out all the lights!)
  1. Print out a paper copy of a web page. I recommend one that is not too large but contains a variety of elements such as text, links, menus, etc.
  1. Find a blank sheet of paper and make a small hole in the center of it. The hole should be about the size of 2 or 3 words (around a half inch in diameter is usually sufficient).
  1. Place the paper with the hole in it over the printout of the web page and try making sense of what is there. Slide the paper with the hole in it around in order to read the contents of the web page print out below.
It will probably be very difficult and time consuming to understand what is on the page but this gives you a general idea of what it is like for a screen reader user (especially if no page navigation techniques are used).


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