Playboy denunciado por falta de accesibilidad en su sitio web

Hace unos días se publicó la noticia Sued by Blind Man Who Says He Can’t Fully ‘Enjoy’ the Website, en la que podemos leer: was sued Wednesday by a legally blind man who says that the site, as well as, aren’t equally accessible to the blind and visually impaired.
In the class-action suit, filed Wednesday in federal court in New York, Donald Nixon says that he and other visually-impaired customers are unable to “fully and equally use or enjoy” the site’s offering. And that definitely goes on the Turn-Offs list.
“Due to the inaccessibility of Defendant’s Website, blind and visually-impaired customers such as Plaintiff, who need screen-readers, cannot fully and equally use or enjoy the facilities, products, and services Defendant offers to the public on its Website,” the suit reads. “The access barriers Plaintiff encountered have caused a denial of Plaintiff’s full and equal access in the past, and now deter Plaintiff on a regular basis from visiting the Website, presently and in the future.”
According to the suit, Nixon employs screen-reading software to access the internet. During his visits to the site, the lawsuit says, Nixon “encountered multiple access barriers” that “denied Plaintiff full and equal access to the facilities, goods and services offered to the public and made available to the public; and that denied Plaintiff the full enjoyment of the facilities, goods and services of the Website, by being unable to learn more information, the ability to browse products available for delivery, find information on promotions and coupons, and related goods and services available online.”


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