Tiresias, un tipo de letra para personas con baja visión

En la Wikipedia podemos leer que Tiresias es un tipo de letra diseñado para las personas con baja visión:
Tiresias is a family of TrueType realist sans-serif typefaces that were designed with the aim of legibility by people with impaired vision at the Scientific Research Unit of Royal National Institute of Blind People in London. The font was originally designed for the RNIB by Chris Sharville of Laker Sharville Design Associates who was working with John Gill at the time. It has been much criticised.
Tiresias is the font used in subtitles for digital terrestrial television (DVB-T), and digital satellite (DVB-S) targeting the UK. It is also used in Ireland, Denmark and Finland's national public-broadcasting company'. It was also purchased by the state owned TVNZ for use on their DVB terrestrial channels. Norwegian railroad infrastructure company Bane NOR is using the font on info screens.


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