Cinco mitos sobre la accesibilidad digital desmentidos

En 5 Digital Accessibility Myths Busted se explican estos mitos:
  • Myth #1: Only a small percentage of my users need an accessible website or app
  • Myth #2: It will take too much time/effort/money to make our website or app accessible
  • Myth #3: Digital accessibility is a one-time-only task for the developers
  • Myth #4: Accessible websites and apps are plain or ugly
  • Myth #5: I used some automated testing tools, so my website or app is now accessible

Muy interesante este gráfico:

Examples of these communities include:

  • Aging population—may need captioning on videos or larger font sizes to read the text
  • Users whose native or primary language is not English—may need more time to read text on auto-rotating slideshows
  • Users with cognitive limitations—may need accessibility-friendly fonts or bulleted content to help focus
  • Users with limited or low vision—may need to zoom in on content to be able to read and understand it
  • Users with situational disabilities—may need better color contrast so glare on a screen does not interfere with them reading the content
  • Users with temporary disabilities—may need to access everything with only their keyboard because they are unable to use a mouse


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