Más comentarios sobre los "accessibility overlays"

Una "web accessibility overlay" es la capa que se añade a un sitio web mediante un software que promete mejorar la accesibilidad de los sitios web.

Ya he comentado varias veces los problemas que presentan:

En If Your Accessibility Solution Can be Turned On and Off, You've Still Got an Accessibility Problem explican más cosas sobre esta tecnología:
The rise in demand for accessible digital experiences has led to a surge in innovation around how to achieve digital accessibility compliance. To counter one of the common misconceptions that implementing accessibility is a cost rather than an investment, some products are being introduced to the market to appeal to buyers who want a quick and cheap solution. Many of these are overlays or widgets that can be turned on and off, which may sound great at first, but this can't be stated clearly enough: if your accessibility solution can be turned on and off, you've still got an accessibility problem. 
The appeal of quick or cheap fixes isn't hard to understand. Spending less time or money can be attractive, or at least intriguing, and this can be true for everything from home repairs to digital accessibility compliance. In the case of accessibility, the problem with options that allow or require users to activate or deactivate them is as major as it is simple: they don't work.


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