Consejos para mejorar la accesibilidad para las personas con discapacidad cognitiva

En Designing for cognitive accessibility: Where to begin se ofrecen interesantes consejos para mejorar la accesibilidad para las personas con discapacidad cognitiva:

There are many techniques that can be used to enhance attention, including:

  • Pausable website carousels – these are multiple pieces of content which rotate across a single coveted space on a webpage. Carousels that are automatically moving content need the ability to be stopped once a particular image captures a visitor’s attention.
  • Restart capabilities – they allow users to save their data and their place in forms and multi-step transactions, like ecommerce. This makes it easier for sites to regain customers’ attention in the event of a distraction.
  • Retracing capabilities – this is a “go back” option which enables site visitors to easily return to recognizable points in their transaction or journey, so they can seamlessly pick up where they left off before becoming distracted. For example, a student in an online learning module needs to be able to go back and rewatch, reread, and rethink about a lesson as many times as necessary.
  • Filtering – the ability to hide non-related content and later unhide it. For example, in an online learning platform, students should have the ability to turn off the chat feature while they are focused on a learning module (and then turn the chat back on when they are finished).
Y también:

  • User authentication – offer at least one alternative method that does not rely on a user to memorize character strings. These include options such as biometric methods (ex. fingertip sensor). In addition, don’t block copy/paste functionality from password manager software.
  • Don’t hide important/frequent controls; also, show both the text and icon labels for controls making it easier for users to remember their purpose.
  • Grouping content – In ecommerce, group similar items semantically and visually with a suggested maximum group size of five. This reduces reliance on memory when evaluating and making choices between similar items.
  • Path markers – to remind site visitors where they are in a process.


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