Los enlaces "saltar a" son importantes

Muy interesante la explicación y el código que se ofrece en Skip links are important:
"Skip links" are important. They allow keyboard-only users, sighted or not, to bypass large or repetitive blocks of content. You may have heard of them and wondered what the big deal is. Or your design team may have refused to implement one because they look “ugly”. But they are important, and they don’t have to break the design. 
Lots of links
Many sites have a lot of links at the top of the page. The mega menu isn’t dead! It seems like news websites are particularly bad with this. The Montreal Gazette has over 175 links before reaching the main content. CNN does better, with only 19 links. The Austin Statesman “only” has 18 or so, but the very first link isn’t keyboard-friendly, and it’s the “navigation menu”. The navigation menu has nearly 60 links! Perhaps it’s just as well it’s not keyboard accessible? Stuff has a couple dozen links (and no focus visible - but that’s a story for another day).
All these links before the main content mean that a keyboard-only user has to tab through every single link before they can reach or interact with the main content. This is not a great experience.
Screen reader users are keyboard-only users. Their assistive technology allows them to navigate to different areas of a page, by using landmarks or headings, for example (if they’ve been implemented on the site). But sighted keyboard-only users don’t have that luxury, because browsers don’t (yet?) allow this kind of navigation.
Not just top content
Another area of concern can be social media embeds, such as Twitter feeds. These may have as many as 200 links to tab through before being able to get to the other content. 
It’s important to make your visitor’s life easier by allowing them to bypass blocks of links. But it’s not just about making their life easier. It’s also about compliance. WCAG success criteria 2.4.1 Bypass Blocks requires this. I generally don’t like to push accessibility from a compliance perspective. But it’s important to note that factor.
En el artículo se ofrece el código para implementar correctamente los "skip links".


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