Cuidado con las herramientas automáticas de revisión de la accesibilidad web

En Use Caution with Automated Tools that Promise 100% Accessibility Compliance se explica:
Automated accessibility testing tools, powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and code-scanning technology, can be an important part of an accessibility testing plan — but, they must remain just a part. Automated testing on its own should not replace manual testing by an accessibility expert and should not be used as the only way to show compliance.
Y avisa del peligro del texto alternativo generado de forma automática mediante inteligencia artificial:
As technology advances, there are even image-recognition programs that can with some accuracy guess what an image depicts and generate alt text. On one hand, it's incredible that this technology exists. On the other, it presents an additional layer of review required by human beings. The real purpose of an image in the context of a web page, the real feeling somebody is supposed to be exposed to, the real information conveyed by an image can't be decided by a machine — at least not yet.


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