Accesibilidad de los reproductores multimedia

En How accessible is the HTML video player? han analizado la accesibilidad de los reproductores multimedia. La conclusión es:
In case you don’t make it all the way to the bottom, I feel, based on the results of testing each player (and comparing to my own Accessible Video Player project), that relying on native video players should be used with caution. This is my opinion stemming from experience, but I found most to have poor keyboard and screen reader support, which may lead to frustrated users. 
There were a lot of inconsistencies across the board as far as keyboard and screen reader support. Some lose focus when the video controls receive focus then fade away, forcing the user to re-position themselves to adjust playback. Others did not trap keyboard focus in full-screen mode, leading to a similar situation as an inaccessible modal window allowing content to be accessed "behind" the window. One player in particular featured very awkward keyboard support where controls were visible on the screen but could not be focused.


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